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Chemical - Biological - Radiological - Nuclear (CBRN) Response Training

Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training (IBERCT)


cbrn emergency training

ASG recently developed and conducted an innovative training workshop for CBRN/Hazmat responders, fire departments and emergency managers. Applying 6 years of lessons learned and observations from over 1,500 field exercises with various hazmat, fire, medical, law enforcement, responders and emergency managers, ASG developed


a unique and highly-effective training platform to integrate the USAF's Fire and Emergency Services, Bioenvironmental Engineers and Readiness and Emergency Management functions into a seamless, unified response operation.

ASG developed a 40-hour curriculum consisting of hands-on training with state-of-the-art, field analytical instruments, knowledge-based training, application of field


instruments for specific activities and tasks, and coached exercises. ASG conducted the two-week training event at the Silver Flag Exercise Site on Tyndall AFB, FL.

This is the latest innovation from ASG aimed at building advanced and integrated all-hazards response capabilities. Regarding the impact of this latest service, Bob Campbell, ASG President/CEO, stated, "We measure the success of our services based on participants' feedback and performance measures throughout the event. It was really exciting to see the participants excel throughout the week and then read through their feedback to confirm our initial impressions."

The training and exercises had several objectives for the 72 participants:


  • Exercising the Hazmat specialist/technician capabilities;
  • Reinforcing the NIMS principles; and
  • Integrating each disciplines capabilities for successful response ops.

CBRN ChallengeWhat is a CBRN Challenge?

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Challenge™ is a combination of training, coaching and evaluation through a series of scenarios designed to enhance emergency responder capabilities for CBRN and Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH) situations.

The CBRN Challenge™ is designed not only to validate proficiency, but to teach innovative techniques and synchronize various on-scene and supporting capabilities to include command and control, hot-zone operations, decontamination, sampling, analysis and health risk assessment.

CBRN Challenge PDF Flyer



 • Biological Attack
 • Nuclear Detonation
 • Radiological Dispersal/Exposure
 • Mailroom Response
 • Toxic Industrial Material Release
 • Water System Attack
 • Sensitive Site
 • Environmental Site Assessment
 • Unknown Chemical Response/
    Hazmat Incident
 • Natural Disasters
 • and Many More...

Benefits of the ASG Training Method


  • Originators of the CBRN Challenge™
  • Facilitate the Crawl, Walk, Run Approach
  • Experts on Over 170 Field Analytical Instruments
  • Hands-on Focus
  • Effectiveness Proven with Results
  • Over 1500 Scenarios Facilitated
  • Trained Over 3,000 Responders
  • Experienced CBRN Responders
  • Licensed/Certified Professionals
  • NIMS and HSEEP-Compliant
  • Objective Evaluators and Trainers
  • Comprehension of CBRN Hazards, Threats, and Effects
  • Multi-Faceted Staff Perspectives
  • Integrated Emergency Management, Medical, Fire and Hazmat Services

Participant Testimonials

"The complexity of the scenarios that the teams faced is very similar to what they would encounter during an actual threat."
Air Force Civil Engineer Agency's Emergency Management Support Manager - Tyndall AFB

“Great job on the assessment. IMPRESSIVE!!!! Your personnel were very professional and knowledgeable during the workshops and presenting the final product to the Executive Staff. This means a lot to me. This event was an eye opener.”
Air National Guard Bioenvironmental Engineer

Thank you for the outstanding support. These individuals are very committed to providing an awesome program. They were both approachable and knowledgeable in all areas. Their can-do attitude was infectious and made this opportunity fun and enjoyable.
~ CBRN Trainee

"I loved it! This was great training I believe every Bio-Environmental Engineer and Emergency Management [troop] should receive. I am leaving [as] a better responder!"
~ CBRN Trainee

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